Recommended Books


The Times Bridge: Common mistakes and how to avoid them by Andrew Robson

A typical Andrew Robson bridge book - well set out, easy to understand and informative. Suitable for the improving player.


Bridge: Winning ways to play your cards by Paul Mendleson

Excellent value for money with clear explanations of key principles


Basic Bridge (master bridge) by Ron Klinger

A fantastic book for beginners to the game


The Times Bridge Secrets: The expertís guide to improving your game by Andrew Robson

As the title suggests, a book for the expert, but well worth the effort.


need to know? Bridge by Andrew Robson

We use this on our beginners/improvers programme. Logical and methodical with easily understood explanations.


Endplay and squeeze by Andrew Robson


Bridge squeezes for everyone by David Bird


Kelsey on squeeze play by Hugh Kelsey


A bridge to simple squeezes by Julian Laderman


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